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Heavy Duty Pallet Racks

Need industrial strength pallet racks? Boltless provides new and used pallet racks in various weight capacities. Pallet racks come in hundreds of sizes and can hold more than 25,000 pounds of stock. Meeting your exact requirements, quality made pallet rack system offer multiple levels that can be fitted with wood or wire decks. to meet local fire ordinances. A&A Boltless also has a wide selection of cantilever racks, pipe racks, tire racks, battery racks, as well as vertical racks and horizontal racks for storing stock or raw materials.

The Right Shelving Unit

It is time to get organized! Businesses in southern California know they can find the exact shelving system they need at A&A Boltless. Offering hundreds of sizes we have small parts shelving, bulk rack shelving, wide span shelving, record archive shelving and FastRaK™ and Rapid Rack™ shelves and cabinets ideal for garage storage. For the food preparation industry we have, NSF approved chrome wire shelves our shelving units will hold up to 1200 pounds per level and come in three weight capacities: heavy duty, medium duty and light duty.

Large Storage Lofts

Don’t move out move up! A large storage loft is an ideal way to enlarge your office, warehouse or shop space. A&A Boltless Rack and Shelving provide warehouse storage loft systems that free up floor space in any size building. Starting as small as 12x12 (144 sq ft) and strong enough to hold an office (if permitted) our loft includes a tongue and groove floor and has a structure rating of 75 lbs. PSF. Call us at 626-452-1500 to learn more.

Rolling Warehouse ladders

Be smart and safe! Rolling ladders are the safest way for your associates to stock and do material placement in an active warehouse. Creating easy access in hard to reach areas, A&A Boltless rolling warehouse ladders provide simple mobility for material handling. We Offer a wide selection, our ladders range in size from 40” to 120” with 4 to 12 steps. Our ladders are designed to the strict guidelines of ANSI and the regulations of OSHA. Our affordable pricing makes our rolling warehouse ladders a smart investment.

Utility Carts Pallet Jacks and Dollies

Let wheels do the work! Designed for every day heavy duty use A&A Boltless offers a wide section of heavy duty warehouse carts and hand trucks. Our pallet jacks provide a simple, effective and economical way of transporting materials through your warehouse and related work areas. Loads of up to 2 tons can be moved swiftly and with minimum effort. Our industrial carts come in a table top or pan top models. We carry a full line of warehouse carts and trucks to meet any budget.

Enjoy Exceptional Service

A&A Boltless Rack and Shelving knows how to make your warehouse or office storage space efficient and safe. Our staff is ethical, reliable and hard working. It is simple. We believe that you say what mean, mean what you say and deliver what you promise, everyday. We want happy customers. That is why so many of our new clients are referrals from satisfied existing customers. We are a family business who likes to treat our customers like family. We offer a wide selection of affordable, quality made and safe storage and material handling products. That is our promise to you.

Most Complete Provider of New & Used Pallet Racks

A&A Boltless Rack and Shelving is the best and most complete provider of new and used pallet racks, metal shelving units and material handling systems that will make warehouse storage and shop organization safe and efficient. With a huge inventory of pallet racks and industrial shelving we are located on 3.5 acres in Southern California just east of Los Angeles. A&A sells quality made and safe pallet racks, shelving units, archive storage units, work benches, cantilever racks, NSF approved wire shelving units, cabinets, storage lofts, tire racks, battery racks, rolling warehouse ladders shop desks, pallet jacks, hand carts and trucks. We buy used pallet racks and used steel shelving. Our promise is to always do business in a fair and honest manner A&A Boltless is a second-generation family-owned business with over 40 years of experience in matching your storage needs with the right size pallet racks or metal shelving systems. Our Knowledgeable and trained staff will assist you in selecting the safest storage system for the weight and size of your stock. We can develop a space plan, assist in acquiring blue prints, calculations or pull permits. Our boltless racks and shelves go up fast and strong so you can be in business in no time at all. A&A will arrange for installation of everything we sell too. Call us if you are organizing an office, food storage area, warehouse, plant or garage. All estimates are free and will fit your exact specification and budget, A&A Boltless is located near the 605 and 60 freeways. Call us today, from anywhere in the southern California area including: Orange County, San Diego, Bakersfield, Santa Barbara, San Fernando and Las Vegas.

Why Boltless Racks and Shelves?

Boltless racks and shelves were a great innovation for storage systems. Stronger safer and easy to set up and take down boltless racks and shelves are the first choice of professional warehouse mangers. There are no nuts or bolts required to hold storage systems together and no special tools needed to assemble. Boltless storage systems last for years in the harshest environments. Geoff Campbell, cofounder of A&A Boltless Rack and Shelving, was one of the original designers of the boltless process in the early 70’s. We are very proud to provide boltless solution to our customers today.

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